HFFurniture are makers of fine English bespoke furniture, how is this classified as bespoke furniture you may ask. Well, when I am dealing with customers whether here at the showroom or over the phone/email I can offer anything that they may want, if I am asked a question like, is it possible to make this table 6” shorter or can I make a 16 foot refectory table, whatever it may be, my answer would nearly always be yes, as it is all made here in Suffolk.

 Each piece is specifically made for each customer I deal with, this is what distinguishes us from a lot of other furniture companies, if a customer see’s something in an Antique furniture book we can copy it or even just copy the colour or style of something they may already have at home.

 The most popular piece of furniture that may need to be Bespoke to our customers is a refectory table, but there are many more pieces this can include, for example a wardrobe, you the customer have a never ending choice of things you would like your wardrobe to be, this can include shelving space, drawers, or just hanging space for short and long clothing, having the chance to create something that fits into your life and its requirements can be a huge pleasure for a lot of people, giving you the chance to get each piece as personalized as it is possible in the furniture market, we will do all the designing for you so all you need to do is confirm the designed pieces you may have chosen for your home.

 All the furniture on this website has been made for a customer at some point to their requirements, even if you like one of these pieces but have seen another colour or a different door or drawer then we can include these details in your piece so it then becomes a personalized bespoke item that will most likely remain the only piece like this in the world, making it a family heir loom with dates and stamps to provide information for future reference when it becomes an Antique or to be resold on the open market.

 Written by James Nunn.

 Bespoke oak furniture at it’s best.